Joubert en Seuns bespoke wooden tables are an investment that will last a lifetime. Quality, solid wood tables combining craftsmanship and a passion for solid wood in all shapes and forms



We’re all about making for you! We custom make your solid wood table according to your specific needs in terms of size, style and finish. Our individualistic approach means you get a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that reflects your own style and showcases the unique character of the wood. Our team of passionate and qualified carpenters are dedicated to making the best quality solid wood tables to be enjoyed by yourself and also generations to come.

Where does the wood come from?
Most of our wood comes from areas up north in South Africa. Sadly, the traditional chiefs of many a rural area are selling off land to people in their community who then develop this land. In most cases, the trees that are chopped down for development are then used as fire wood, never to be seen again. We feel that although we cannot save the trees, at least we can save the wood by turning it into unique pieces of beautiful furniture that can be appreciated and loved for generations to come.
Do I need a permit to own a solid wood table?
No, you (the customer) do not need a permit. We (the manufacturer) do have in our possession, all the necessary legal permits and licenses required to own, manufacture and sell these solid wood pieces.
Can I choose my own design?
Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to show us a picture of how you would like your table to look and we will quote accordingly. We do have a number of different designs for tables which you can also choose from. These differ in terms of finish and table legs. See photo gallery
Once I place my order, how long will it take to complete my table?
Every table is different and although we try our best to complete an order as quickly as possible, one should remember that this is a work of art. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and attention to detail. We aim to complete an order within 3 to 6 weeks.
Can I choose my own wood?
Yes, we have the following wood varieties available: Matumi (Mingerhout), Leadwood (Hardekool), Sand Kiaat (Teak), Dopper Kiaat (Teak), African Ebony (Jakkelsbessie).
Can I specify the size of my table?
Yes. We have timber pieces ranging from one meter to four meters. You can therefore size your table according to your very own space requirements. Choose your own length, width and thickness of table.
Will you deliver my table to me?
Yes, we will deliver your table to you free of charge within a 50km radius of our workshop. Delivery to other areas of South Africa and/ overseas will need to be quoted for by a third party transport company. You are also welcome to collect or arrange your own delivery.
How do I care for my table once I have it?
In order to keep your wood from drying out, we suggest you use Woodoc Wax on your solid wood table when needed. You can purchase this from your local hardware store.

Take a look at a selection of some solid wood tables we have completed to
order, on display in their forever homes.

Get an inside look into the woodwork process behind our custom made solid
wood tables all the way from timber to table


Bring the outside in with a unique, heirloom pieces of wooden furniture. To place an order, give us a call on 013 880 0067 or request a quote online. Alternatively, have a look at our online catalogue of available stock or visit our showroom at the Joubert en Seuns Padstal.