Citrus farming brother duo, Kobus and Francois Joubert have turned their father’s vegetable and maize farm into a large-scale citrus production and packing business. They now export in excess of 9000 tons to the northern hemisphere each year.



Kobus and Francois’ father, also called Francois bought his farm in the Schoemanskloof Valley in 1966 and it was called Geluk which means luck in Afrikaans. Originally the farm produced a variety of vegetables and maize with a primary focus on tomatoes. The Joubert brothers were born and raised on the farm and so naturally became farmers.

In 1990, the decision was made to plant citrus and the first orchards were established. A total of 1605 Midknight Valencia trees were planted which are still in production today. Francois Joubert and his sons soon learnt that the climate in the Schoemanskloof valley is ideally suited to producing early citrus varieties and therefore obtaining best prices on export markets. Today, Kobus and Francois continue to grow their fathers legacy and are one of the biggest citrus producing farms in South Africa.

Our mission: To produce and supply good quality citrus to the local and export markets.
Our vision: To be a substantial citrus producer in the Mpumalanga region, providing quality service and creating job opportunities.